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MOP & DC/DA Solutions

Make significant savings on hidden metering costs

Every year, we help thousands of businesses save!

If your business is billed on a Half Hourly basis, then you are required by law to have a Meter Operator (MOP), as well as a Data Collection/Data Aggregation (DC/DA) provider.

MOP and DC/DA contracts form a significant, (and often hidden, part) of the non-commodity costs on your standard Half Hourly electricity invoice. By splitting out these charges we can consolidate and re-negotiate new MOP and DC/DA agreements. You are then completely in control of the costs as the supplier funded options are typically more expensive.

Cope Energy works in partnership with accredited meter operators, we can provide MOP and DC/DA agreements at significantly lower rates. You will also have access to our energy analytics software. This gives you the ability to monitor your energy usage at a touch of a button and you can see where further savings can be made. We handle all the paperwork and ensure your existing supplier appoints your new MOP & DC/DA provider & removes the existing charges from your bill.

It really is that simple!


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  • We will establish your current contractual position, and work to consolidate your MOP contract/s. If you have an existing metering agreement in place all we need is the expiry date (they are typically 5 years in duration).
  • We undertake a contract review to source the most cost effective options
  • You choose your contract and e-sign your agreement
  • We fully manage the rest of the process. All you will need to look out for is lower bills